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Each one of us reading this article has gone through financial crisis at some stage in life. For some it’s short-lived while for some others it has lingered along for quite some years. We all want to desperately seek for a breakthrough in such a scenario. We want things to move in the right direction; towards success. There are many people around the globe who are now putting their hands on the Binary Trade Option Market; an option that many have benefitted from and have become a rave in the market scenario today.

What is Binary Options Trade? Well, let me explain this to you; to start with, binary option is a really simple way to earn. Because of this very same reason of being extremely uncomplicated, it has been attracting investors all over the world. It is basically, a yes-no situation. An investor puts in his money into a particular asset, he speculates whether the price is going to rise or fall, he puts in the input (price) indicating the boundary for the upper margin and the lower margin of the trade, within the stipulated time period the trade expires leaving you with profits if you have speculated right or you lose out on all that you have invested if your decision was bad. Thus for its apparent simplicity it’s a boon to the investors seeking for ways and strategies to become richer.

Here is the catch; because of its simplicity many investors are attracted to it; however, most are poorly informed about how to practically and definitely earn on this option based on proper, concrete knowledge. There are several software’s available in the market today to assist you in making the right decision, but if you do land up taking the wrong decision by investing in a scam then you are calling yourself in for some major trouble. Be wise and tread carefully. Many robots are here to stay while many others are more than happy to see you perish in your losses. Be vigilant!

Now, if you have found yourself an out of harm’s way software that can truly assist you like it promises then you could commence this journey of success. Let me talk about a few strategies that have worked in this market:

  • Firstly, one needs to list themselves with binary option brokers who have indicators that are helpful and true. There are many brokers awaiting you to join them but be wise because some are like predators waiting to attack and take away all your money. Find a broker based on facts like; testimonials, payout margins, consistency in paying out, duration for which they have been in the market, joining fees, terms and conditions, etc.

  • We are now going to introduce three indicators which need to be tracked by you to ensure success. These are: 13 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) which is marked in blue, 20 Simple Moving Average (SMA) marked in red and 26 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) this one is marked in Cyan, like light blue – you can spot these indicators moving around the line on the charting platform that indicate the asset worth. These indicators are automated. What exactly does one need to track? You need to look out for the 13 EMA exceeding the 20 SMA. Once that happens you need to watch out for 26 EMA crossing the 20 SMA indicators. Now, if both these situations take place on your market chart then generally speaking the case would be this; you need to see if the value of the asset goes above the upper margin or the lower margin. You will notice a set trend and if you are able to crack the functioning of these indicators and execute just like what the signal suggest, then you could see your bank balance multiplying in no time.  Selection_036

  • The above mentioned strategy has today got a new twist with the entry of software’s that generate automated signals. Basically, the software does all the work of tracking, analyzing, predicting etc. All you need to do us execute the signals sent by the robots and allow them to do all the hard work while you make money. This is good strategy too but one needs to be careful in picking up a legit robot that wouldn’t take your money down the drain. There are many successful ones in the market today; one just has to do an in-depth research and then start making money.

  • Another strategy that can make you successful in binary trade is your general awareness about the happenings of the financial markets around the world. It is worth investing time reading up some global economic news. This will lend you a helping hand in finding out the market trends and set you on a higher ground to make sound predictions. For e.g.; if you know a particular company is going to launch a new product in a few months, you could be well assured of its prices increasing and thereby you can plan your trading accordingly. It’s good to be aware of such news.

  • Understating the indicators on, a website that offers a real, true sight into the trends of the market. One needs to understand that it’s not about how good a market trend is, because trends change but we need strong indicators over strong trends. These are available for free for you to study and analyze. Make use of this by understanding how a Strong Less to Strong Buy make you earn guaranteed profits.

Lastly, I would like to add that there is no strategy that is 100% foolproof. If that was the case then the world would have found just the easiest way possible to success and wealth. The truth is there is some homework we need to do in order to enjoy wholesome benefits of these strategies that are so very easily available. It’s not about luck and destiny but success is based on sound decisions with the foundations of knowledge and a real good strategy.