Markets are highly volatile in nature. Prices of commodities and assets change at the blink of an eye. Things move so fast in the market that it seems impossible to track the whereabouts of a particular stock on the market. Thus to make this task easy and help you earn profits in the binary trade market, technology offers fine websites that one can choose from, that assist in making the task of understanding, analyzing and predicting in the market a possible and successful task. One of the most trustworthy websites in the binary options trade market is the 24Options.

They have emerged as one of the best brokers as they have ensured that trust and security have remained their foundations. For them, the customer is of prime importance. They are concerned about your progress and growth and you will notice that when you trade with them that they are genuinely concerned.

Let us look at some of the features of this website that enable them to withstand the cut-throat competition that exist in the markets today:

  • Unbeatable trading platform: there are a lot of options for the traders to choose from. Here are some of the significant ones;

  1. High Low Binary Options– this is the most common one. The investor predicts whether his asset is going to rise or fall at any given time and if the prediction comes true, he wins or loses if it is wrong

  2. One Touch Binary Option– this option is very exhilarating as it saves you from making losses. The trader needs to decide whether the asset will increase or fall beyond a certain margin. Once the asset crosses that margin, the trader makes a profit even if it falls further than the margin defined.

  3. Boundary Binary Options: in this case, the investor sets boundaries that he predicts that the stock would trade between. As long as the stocks trade within the defined boundaries, the investor makes profits, else he loses it all.

  • Easy withdrawal and deposit methods: you will find it very convenient to trade with them. Their methods of withdrawal and deposits are so very easy. One could choose from Debit or Credit Cards, Wire transfers, Skrill or even Western Union. At this website, they ensure that the customer does not have to go through anything that is too tedious for them to do.

  • Proactive in giving bonuses: they take delight in seeing you happy. They are one of the sites that offer the maximum number of bonuses and incentives to their clients. They do so because they don’t want to lose out on their customers and keep them retained by offering attractive bonuses and incentives.

  • Legit body: they are regulated and governed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. They are accountable about their conduct and thus one can feel safe in trading with them.

Thus, if you are looking for a trustworthy broker then your hunt is over- 24Options is the treasure that you have been seeking. A genuine broker whom you can trust and partner with to make higher profits is just a click away.

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You cannot be known across the world if you haven’t done something remarkable; good or bad. If you are well acquainted with the world of binary option trade then you would have often heard of the brokers named; Banc de Binary. Why are they so famous? What makes them one of the finest brokers in the world? There has to be something extraordinary about them to have this kind of a reputation.

With the many years of experience that they have, they are here to share the same with the clients and help them see their dreams become a reality. They have some unique features which is why they attract customers across 80 countries and more being added to their kitty as time progresses.

Let us look into some features that make them stand a class apart:

  • Trading made easy: any customer would love to enjoy an experience of smooth trade. They are here to offer the same. Their website is designed in such a way that a newbie will certainly feel comfortable and soon recognize the potential of investing in binary trade.

  • Broad trading platform: we all as individuals have unique personalities which highly influence they way in which we trade. At this website, one has the platform of choosing from four different options based on one’s level of flexibility, style of trade or merely one’s risk taking ability.


Let us look at the four options are:

  1. Digital Option Pro: this one is common to the other websites available in the market. This gives you a glance into the technical analysis of the market at you trade on the website.

  2. One Touch Platform: this is an unusual. It is for customers who have studied the market and are of the belief that the price of a certain stock is surely going to a rise to a particular but are unsure of how long that price is going to prolong being there.

  3. Binary Meta– this option is their USP. This works as the enhanced version of the standard option of Digital Option Pro. The added advantage here is that it is based on MT4 which allows you to watch your trade real-time and analyze it appropriately without the disturbance of all the bells and whistles in the background.

  4. Option Builder: this option is available for the expertise in this field. With the elaborate study that they have done of the market, they stand in a better place to judge the movements and trends of the market. They are given an option here to customize and personalize their level of trade, risk and thereby earn higher returns on their investments.

  • Choose from different expiry times: one cannot predict this highly volatile market. Millions can be lost or gained in a fraction of a second. Thus to bring relief to the customer, the website different expiry times; 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 24 hours. One can opt for these based on one’s interest.

  • Multilingual Customer Support: at this website- customers are of utmost important. They understand the need of having customer support in various languages so that people across the globe feel comfortable and confident in conversing with them. Their basic language for communication is English.

Thus, if you look at the above features, it won’t be too hard to rename them as the World’s Brokers. More information about this binary options broker can be found on this website . Many have thought that they this website is a scam but if you take the successful testimonies into consideration they far outdo the one’s that call them a scam. They have a reputation to maintain and retain and are doing their best to make binary options trade a lucrative attraction to the world.



Each one of us reading this article has gone through financial crisis at some stage in life. For some it’s short-lived while for some others it has lingered along for quite some years. We all want to desperately seek for a breakthrough in such a scenario. We want things to move in the right direction; towards success. There are many people around the globe who are now putting their hands on the Binary Trade Option Market; an option that many have benefitted from and have become a rave in the market scenario today.

What is Binary Options Trade? Well, let me explain this to you; to start with, binary option is a really simple way to earn. Because of this very same reason of being extremely uncomplicated, it has been attracting investors all over the world. It is basically, a yes-no situation. An investor puts in his money into a particular asset, he speculates whether the price is going to rise or fall, he puts in the input (price) indicating the boundary for the upper margin and the lower margin of the trade, within the stipulated time period the trade expires leaving you with profits if you have speculated right or you lose out on all that you have invested if your decision was bad. Thus for its apparent simplicity it’s a boon to the investors seeking for ways and strategies to become richer.

Here is the catch; because of its simplicity many investors are attracted to it; however, most are poorly informed about how to practically and definitely earn on this option based on proper, concrete knowledge. There are several software’s available in the market today to assist you in making the right decision, but if you do land up taking the wrong decision by investing in a scam then you are calling yourself in for some major trouble. Be wise and tread carefully. Many robots are here to stay while many others are more than happy to see you perish in your losses. Be vigilant!

Now, if you have found yourself an out of harm’s way software that can truly assist you like it promises then you could commence this journey of success. Let me talk about a few strategies that have worked in this market:

  • Firstly, one needs to list themselves with binary option brokers who have indicators that are helpful and true. There are many brokers awaiting you to join them but be wise because some are like predators waiting to attack and take away all your money. Find a broker based on facts like; testimonials, payout margins, consistency in paying out, duration for which they have been in the market, joining fees, terms and conditions, etc.

  • We are now going to introduce three indicators which need to be tracked by you to ensure success. These are: 13 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) which is marked in blue, 20 Simple Moving Average (SMA) marked in red and 26 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) this one is marked in Cyan, like light blue – you can spot these indicators moving around the line on the charting platform that indicate the asset worth. These indicators are automated. What exactly does one need to track? You need to look out for the 13 EMA exceeding the 20 SMA. Once that happens you need to watch out for 26 EMA crossing the 20 SMA indicators. Now, if both these situations take place on your market chart then generally speaking the case would be this; you need to see if the value of the asset goes above the upper margin or the lower margin. You will notice a set trend and if you are able to crack the functioning of these indicators and execute just like what the signal suggest, then you could see your bank balance multiplying in no time.  Selection_036

  • The above mentioned strategy has today got a new twist with the entry of software’s that generate automated signals. Basically, the software does all the work of tracking, analyzing, predicting etc. All you need to do us execute the signals sent by the robots and allow them to do all the hard work while you make money. This is good strategy too but one needs to be careful in picking up a legit robot that wouldn’t take your money down the drain. There are many successful ones in the market today; one just has to do an in-depth research and then start making money.

  • Another strategy that can make you successful in binary trade is your general awareness about the happenings of the financial markets around the world. It is worth investing time reading up some global economic news. This will lend you a helping hand in finding out the market trends and set you on a higher ground to make sound predictions. For e.g.; if you know a particular company is going to launch a new product in a few months, you could be well assured of its prices increasing and thereby you can plan your trading accordingly. It’s good to be aware of such news.

  • Understating the indicators on, a website that offers a real, true sight into the trends of the market. One needs to understand that it’s not about how good a market trend is, because trends change but we need strong indicators over strong trends. These are available for free for you to study and analyze. Make use of this by understanding how a Strong Less to Strong Buy make you earn guaranteed profits.

Lastly, I would like to add that there is no strategy that is 100% foolproof. If that was the case then the world would have found just the easiest way possible to success and wealth. The truth is there is some homework we need to do in order to enjoy wholesome benefits of these strategies that are so very easily available. It’s not about luck and destiny but success is based on sound decisions with the foundations of knowledge and a real good strategy.



The Binary Options Trade market has comparatively been a recent entry in the world of stocks. In the UK too, we have noticed that the Binary Option trade industry has multiplied more than 8 times in just 4 years or so. The reason behind this phenomenal growth is the simplicity and straightforward approach of this trade. People in the UK have realized the potential of earning really high rate of returns from these investments.

So, can one really use any strategy to get maximum results? The answer is yes! For long term success in this trade of binary options one must understand the power of efficient trading strategies. Guess work may gain you success three times in a row but then one wrong blunder can blow off all your profits in one shot. Perhaps, any strategy that is consistent in helping you earn profits; is a real good strategy that you can rely on. There is no luck factor in the market. A smart investor will understand the need of analyzing and thoroughly investigating the market.

Most trading websites offer payout’s ranging from 60% to 90%. No website offers a 100% payout. That’s only because it is impossible to have winning bets all the time. So, to succeed in binary trade, it’s not important that you win all the time, because mere winning doesn’t bring success but HOW you win is more than important to get the best out of these trades.

Here are Some tips to help you trade in Binary Options:

  1. What makes a trade successful is having a fair judgment about the expectancy resulting into a positive expectation. How does one judge right? The answer is by identifying and studying repeatable trends and circumstances and understanding the impact they have on the markets.

  1. Chart it out– it is important to understand charting, which comprises of analysis of graphs and other technical indicators. It is not always about the best technical analysis that one can do to get success but about a simple strategy that is based on research that shows consistency in how a particular stock trends.

  1. Analyzing Fundamentals: Analyzing the fundamentals is a must requirement if one wants to grow in this market. The markets are highly vulnerable and fluctuate from high to low in a short span of a few seconds. Perhaps, one doesn’t have enough time to make a sound decision. Understanding and analyzing this time factor could result into one opting for expiry times of trade that would suit their portfolios. These days brokers are offering of one and two months too. This gives the client more time to think through and decide.

Binary Options is a trade where you can grow easily provided you are keen to understand the fundamentals and the functioning of the market. All the best for you trading endeavor.


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